New York, New York part II – Tips

Visiting New York from a local side is completely different and amazing. I had the luck to have a private guide that showed me places I would never go by myself. Not because they feel dangerous but I would never guess the interest about it. I’ve walked so much and through so many different streets and neighbourhoods that unfortunately I cannot tell you where I was, specifically but I can sure share some places I’ve been and found very interesting.



If you want to forget where you are for some time, you should go to the Governors Island and turn your back to Manhattan.

“In 1776, during the American Revolutionary War, Continental Army troops raised defensive works on the island, which they used to fire upon British ships before they were taken. From 1783 to 1966, the island was a United States Army post, and from 1966 to 1996 the island served as a major United States Coast Guard installation.” – from Wikipedia.

Today this island is a public park where you can take your own bike or rent one and also do picnics or you just take the boat and go. As the chaos of Manhattan doesn’t really excite me, this escape was just perfect!


oficina latina

A very tasty mix between the Mexican and Argentina food. Very good food, very good mood and the decoration is awsome!

MiN store – 117 Crosby St, New York

This store is very particular and interesting. Is a store that creates alchemic collections of olfactory art through hand made candles and fragrances of limited productions. It also houses curated niche products from all over the world. Even if you’re not so into these kinds of products, its worth visiting it as the decoration is amazing. There is a “Mystere” around it…

HAVANA ALMA DE CUBA RESTAURANT – 94 Christopher St, New York


Probably the best meal I had in New York. Why? Because there was good meat!!!

A Cuban restaurant in a very cute neighbourhood. You can’t see it on this picture but when I was there, there was a gentleman rolling tobacco all night in a table. Real cuban tobacco. They offer this to their customers at the end of your dinner as a gift. I don’t smoke but is a very nice gesture and the food is amazing!!!! I definitely recommend this place if you want to get away of pizzas, burguers, mac&cheese and junk food. Obviously you have good restaurants in Manhattan but most of them are very expensive.

UNIQULEE STORE – 36 Mott St, Chinatown


If you think Chinatown is all about fake watches, souvenirs and markets, forget it!

Going back to the hotel, we’ve found this very small store but full of story. You can find Jewerly, some hand bags, bedspreads from India but what kept me was a weekend bag made of old army Swiss blanket.




If you like fragrances, home fragrances, wax products, cosmetics this is a place you have to visit. Everything is beautiful and the store is a world of different fragrances. It has a really good taste and you feel like you’re back in Italy on century XVIII. It isn’t cheap but it worth bringing something with you even if it’s just a hand cream.

I’ve been of course, into many other places but on these I had a different and good experience.

Don’t miss it!



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