When love knocks on your door when you least expect…

I met you on a dinner when you wanted to thank me for helping you. You invited me for a coffee when I was just about to go to Barcelona. You didn’t give up. I came back from Barcelona and there you were, charging me the coffee. You say you were just being french, I still believe you were flirting with me. I wasn’t on a flirting mood. Maybe that was the trigger. Don’t expect anything from anyone. What a great dinner we had. Life stories were shared, opinions, choices and some wishes for our future. After 4 years on my own I never thought this could happen to me. I’m in love, I’m happy and I thank you for all you already brought in such a short time. I always pic the difficult ones, and living in two different countries won’t be easy but we will succeed. If not, I’m glad for what I already experienced with you and most important of all, I thank you for bringing back my smile and the feeling that everything is posible and we can always love again and even more than before.


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