Stop & Start

I wrote this text, last year on the 7th November. My birthday. Never finished the text as so much was going on by that time. The worst was about to come and I didn’t know it. But this text still makes sense as I learned more about myself on these last months than on my last years of existence. It wasn’t easy but I’m thankful for all of that. We don’t grow up when everything is great. We do grow up when we have to make difficult choices, deal with disappointments, recycle some people, look back and find out where did we fail, what we didn’t understand, what makes sense now. That feeling is really great!

7th November 2016 – I don’t give a them when it comes to celebrate my birthday with parties or dinner with friends. Maybe it will happen when I’m 40 (next year – hahaha). I always take this date to make a balance of what my life has been during that year. Normally it’s done on New Years Eve, but I do it on my birthday. Last year on my IG i wrote something about being in a period of change and in fact, another year came around and I’m still on it. The biggest change was leaving a 13 year job to be by myself, free, happy. The change was not that easy and I’m still dealing with it, but I’m definitely more happy now. It’s been 5 months now and to be honest I was so distracted during this time that I didn’t have the time to focus on myself and think about what I really want, who I want around me and where I’m heading to. I feel it’s time to stop now and start again. These 5 months I realized how close bad people were to me and how wrong I trusted some others. But I truly believe that good people attract good people and these ones came to replace the shitty ones. I don’t expect an easy year but I’m sure it will be a good one, happy one. And that’s all I want for me. Happiness.

I’ve found LOVE in many different situations and in many different ways and places . I’ve found very important FRIENDSHIP in people I would never imagine. I’ve found PEACE with myself after the mess my life has been on the last year. I’ve found STRENGHT when all my structures were shaken. Step by step I’m getting my life back. It’s just a matter of time… and I couldn’t be more happy…


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